Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday: Seeing Stars!

I am joining Gail at Clay and Limestone for Wildflower Wednesday, celebrating native plants!

 As any young child will tell you, a star shape has 5 points. As a kindergarten teacher teaching shape identification,  I  never had to teach the star or the heart shape to any 5 year old.  It seems that those are the 2 shapes kids always pick up first.  My students were always fascinated by the number of flowers that have the star shape.  In my gardens now, I'm seeing lots of stars blooming.

pink oxalis

Star of Bethlehem (or SOB - very invasive)
blue creeping phlox
creeping phlox

phlox pilosa


woodland phlox

amsonia "blue star"

yellow jessamine
cross vine
virginia creeper - not a bloom, but it will certainly be a "star" when it puts on its fall colors
 I hope you're seeing lots of stars in your garden!

Please head over to Clay and Limestone to see some of Gail's wildflowers and check out links to
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  1. Hi sure have a lot of stars in your garden! They are all lovely. I especially like the Cross Vine. Mine have never looked that pretty and you'd think they would considering they're a native!

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    I have Blue Star but had forgotten its name - Thanks for reminding me!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy Wildflower Wednesday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. I never realized that most flowers are star-shaped. And you have a lot of them.

    1. Kalantikan, thanks for stopping by! Keep looking for stars!

  4. I love seeing stars in my garden too! You have a beautiful collection of phlox too. At least the SOB doesn't grow here but I had to laugh because we have an invasive form of mustard in Central Texas that we call by a similar name!

    1. Shirley, thanks for stopping by. I know you're well ahead of us on Spring
      weather in Texas. Happy gardening!

  5. Hello there, Beth :-) More woodland Phlox – I love it, but pilosa looks great too. Can’t decide my fav here tonight – it’s between the pink oxalis (its leaves give it more points) and the amsonia. A lovely selection, my rosette finally goes to amsonia ‘blue star’ – when you see my allium profile pic you might guess I’d go with this one ;-)

  6. Shirley, thanks for stopping by. I saw your allium - I would like to have that. I have LOTS of amsonia, so it probably is my Star star!

  7. Fun post! I have both pilosa and woodland phlox, and enjoy their blooms. I grow a few kinds of Amsonia, too, and they are some of my favorites.