Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dead or Alive?

Have you ever played that game where one person names a celebrity and the others have to tell whether he/she is dead or alive?  I find that with my aging brain I often have a difficult time with this game - I just can't remember.

But what's worse is when I play "Dead or Alive?" in the garden.  You see, every Spring I wander around the yard/gardens and I see plants with no buds or leaves.  Uh, oh, has that plant  kicked the bucket?   Or maybe my aging brain just can't remember that some plants spring back to life later than others. [Note to self: be patient]


 The ones that are always the biggest puzzlers in the game are the ones I  just planted the fall before and so, no, I'm really not sure if it's dead or alive. And the fact is only time will tell.  

Today I saw some new growth (yeah!) on some plants, but the jury is still out on a few others.
Baptisia -  ALIVE!
Balloon flower -  ALIVE!

fothergilla -  ALIVE!

So every day I wander the yard and I peer at these plants and search for the tiniest of buds. And only then will I learn the answer to "Dead or Alive?"  I've got my fingers crossed.

Here's hoping you're finding more alive than dead in your garden!


  1. Hi Beth....I go on a garden walkabout everyday (weather permiting) and check for new growth/life. It's so exciting. The Lantana above may be a gonner as most of them are annuals here. Your other plants look like they're really doing well! I hope you stay safe in today's severe weather!

    1. Christy, it IS fun walking the garden! And, as for those lantanas, I am still hopeful because they are "Miss Huff" which often comes back but regrowth starts very late. So, I've got my fingers crossed!

  2. Really great to see new sprouts coming up in the Spring! I've had Lantanas grow again after looking really dead - so wait awhile on it.
    I am axiously awaiting new growth on my Wisteria. It was loaded with fat buds when we had a hard freeze with heavy frost. The buds are goners, of course, and I am worried about the plant itself. We have warmer weather now - it should be making leaves. No signs of life yet.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Hope your wisteria comes back - the purple around here is in full bloom and gorgeous along the highway (Sam Cooper Blvd.) And, as of yesterday, I have one lantana with some new growth. YEAH!